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What are the birthstones for each month?

Did you know each month of the year has its own birthstone?

Birthstones are a beautiful way to celebrate and acknowledge your birth month. This tradition has taken place for centuries, with people seeking out jewellery made from their birthstone in order to hold this tradition close.

Whether it’s in a ring, an earring, a bracelet or a necklace, wearing your birthstone is a powerful way to connect with your birth month. With birthstones having a rich history of luck, protection and healing, this piece of jewellery is about much more than beauty. Here’s our guide to finding your birthstone so you, too, can embrace the personal and historical significance of this beautiful tradition.

The birthstones for each month

Not only does each month have its own birthstone, but each of these gems also carries a rich and unique meaning.


January’s birthstone is garnet. Garnet is believed to symbolise protection, safety and strength, bringing positive energy to its wearer. This deep red gemstone is rich and striking, and can contrast beautifully against earthy browns and greens - see our Pietra Silver Cross Natural Red Garnet Necklace for inspiration.


February’s birthstone is also strong, rich and vibrant: amethyst. This violet-coloured gemstone represents peace, stability and courage. It’s believed to support a healthy emotional balance, and can be the perfect choice for those looking for a calm addition to their jewellery collection. Our Winnie Silver Cross with Multi Colour Natural Gemstones features amethyst in stunning detail.


Aquamarine is March’s gemstone, representing happiness, hope and everlasting youth. This beautiful blue stone was also used by early sailors as a talisman to protect them against ocean dangers. Some people also view the bloodstone as March’s birthstone, which is dark green with rich red speckles. 


April has perhaps the most famous birthstone: a diamond. As well as being a symbol of everlasting love, diamonds were historically believed to bring courage. Diamonds are a beautifully elegant choice in gold and silver jewellery settings alike. 


May’s emerald birthstone has a long history of being associated with fertility, love and rebirth. Once dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, in ancient Rome, emeralds now signify wisdom, growth and virtue. Our Octavia Cross with Natural Emerald Silver Necklace captures emerald in its full splendour.


June’s birthstone are Moonstone, Alexandrite and Pearls which has long been a universal symbol of purity. Pearls are a classic choice of jewellery that can be set into traditional and modern settings alike, offering versatile styling options. For an elegant choice, see our Charlize Zirconia & Freshwater Pearl Silver Earrings.


In July, ruby is the birthstone of focus. Long believed to protect wearers from evil, ruby-red also signifies love and passion for modern wearers. 


Peridot is August’s birthstone, symbolising strength and protection. Its light green colour makes it a beautiful complement to a wide range of jewellery collections.


September’s birthstone is sapphire. Once believed to guard against evil and poisoning, sapphire now symbolises wisdom and purity with its rich blue hue.



October have two exuberant birthstones: Tourmaline and Opal, which symbolises faithfulness and confidence. Opals offer a unique and detailed refraction which can be shaped into eye-catching organic pieces. Tourmaline has been used in science because it can develop an electrical vibration and builds up an electrical charge when heated. Tourmaline comes in the widest array of colors of any colored gemstone.


November’s birthstone, topaz, is a universal symbol for love and affection. Topaz has a number of shades, including yellow, orange, pink, brown, red, purple and green. Our Yuki Silver Cross With Natural London Blue Topaz Necklace is an elegant way to add topaz into your daily rotation.


Finally, December’s birthstone is turquoise. This birthstone is regarded as a love charm, with turquoise rings traditionally believed to protect against evil spirits.

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