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Melbourne, Australia

Who we are

D'Alma & Grace is a small, independent, family-run Australian jewellery brand.

We pride ourselves on being based in Bayside, Melbourne,Victoria. Juliana is the founder and creative director of our business, and she is passionate about creating unique and beautiful jewellery pieces that our customers will love.

Precious materials

We're passionate about offering beautiful and high-quality jewellery with precious materials such as sterling silver, pearls and gemstones. All of our jewellery is nickel-free and we pride ourselves on being a sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly jewellery store.

Jewellery to make a statement

If you're a creative woman who loves to express your unique sense of style and enjoys being adventurous, then you'll find delight in our beautiful silver jewellery.



Hi, I’m Juliana. I grew up in Foz do Iguazu, Brazil, which is a small city with some old world charm and is home of the Iguazu Falls, one of 7 natural wonders of the world. It is a wonderful place, where nature and magic speak.

Growing up with many different cultures around me really influenced my creativity. I enjoyed making my own toys, doll houses and colourful stories. I even built doll houses out of egg cartons. I loved being creative and spent hours working on my miniatures. That's where my love of creating tiny objects started. 

I have fond memories of dressing my creations in my mum's rings - turning them into tiny doll crowns. I still remember my mother getting angry as I lost some in the garden – yep, I never found them.

The back story

Conventionally, I studied Fashion Design, learning all the conceptions, trends, fashion history, and of course the beauty of Design.

Throughout my study and travels, I was exposed to many different styles, cultures and how it can influence our daily life. Therefore, I worked with well-known brands and also smaller designers.

For over 10 years I worked in the jewellery industry as the manager and buyer for a large department store. This role gave me a such pleasure, not only because buying is fun, but hand picking all the amazing pieces, knowing what would work, what people would want, imagining all
the scenarios that specific piece will be a player on someone life. That was and still is very exciting.

I created D’Alma & Grace as I wanted a jewellery store that would be affordable for everyone. A store, where you will enjoy shopping. I spend hours picking minimalist, dainty and statement pieces. All pieces are beautifully curated that range from glitzy party wear to everyday wear.

It's always nice to have something shiny. Sometimes jewellery is the simple detail that will make a difference to your outfit. Also, I believe people should not be concerned about trends, as your style is just as important as your personality. They are there and they make a

Past & Present

Why D’Alma & Grace? First “D’Alma” is a play on words as De Alma means “from the soul”. Then “Grace”, as I have always believed in the grace of things. For me, everything relates back to being grateful for as life is a gift. All in all, it means soul and grace.

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