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Jewellery Care Guide

Everything you need to know about caring for your D'Alma & Grace Jewellery


It is natural for Sterling Silver jewellery to tarnish, blacken or discolour over time, particularly if the piece is worn regularly.  Tarnish is caused by several factors which include:

  • Exposure to moisture, humidity, sunlight and oxygen.
  • Acidity (ph balance) of a person’s skin, which in turn is affected, for example, by diet, medication and stress.
  • Exposure to perfume, soap, moisturiser, shampoo etc. and cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid and bleach.
  • Exposure to chlorine.


+ Jewellery should be stored in the supplied box

+ Avoid contact with perfume and

+ Remove jewellery before bathing

+ Remove jewellery before sleeping

+ Avoid prolonged contact with water

+ Clean jewellery with
a soft cloth

Our Jewellery

925 Sterling Silver

D’Alma & Grace Jewellery is made from 925 sterling silver.

Sterling Silver is usually suitable for everyday wear unless it is a fragile design.

Sterling silver can oxidise and tarnish over time.
This can be removed by cleaning with a polishing cloth. More difficult or stubborn tarnishing may require use of a commercial cleaning metal polish or silver foam.

Metal Plating

Plated Jewellery

Our pieces are plated using;

+ Rhodium

+ Platnum

+ Yellow Gold

+ 925 Sterling Silver

It’s possible that plating can wear off over a longer period of time due to wear and tear. To make the plating last longer, we recommend ensuring that it does not come into contact with abrasive surfaces or endure excessive rubbing against the skin.

It can be washed with warm soapy water or polished with a soft cloth. Do not rub vigorously or the plating could be removed.

Gems + Pearls


Gem stones can be fragile. If your jewellery has been impacted, please remove your jewellery and get the settings checked.
Metal wears over time, so settings should be checked regularly.

Additional care information


Enamel is suitable for occasional wear only and should not be subjected to long exposure to sunlight. It should be treated very carefully and must not be dropped or knocked. Direct exposure to cosmetics and cleaning agents may affect colour and finish. It should be cleaned with a soft silver cloth or warm soapy water.


Pearls are suitable for occasional wear only. Direct exposure to cosmetics and cleaning agents may affect the lustre and colour of the pearl. They should be cleaned with a soft cloth or warm soapy water.


Clean using warm soapy water and a soft brush. Although our stones are a high hardness, stones can still be scratched or damaged by gemstones with a higher hardness, as well as other materials. Avoid using household chemicals when cleaning components or jewellery. Stones can be sensitive to heat, especially if they are dyed stones, and prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade color-enhanced types.

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