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Top Gem Stones and Their Meanings

Gemstones are said to offer a wide range of benefits that can improve your life in many ways - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

People often ask me about the stones that are featured in my jewellry, so I've put together a list of the most popular gemstones and their corresponding meanings. 


1. Cubic Zirconia

Thais Silver Cubic Zirconia Earring

A Cubic Zirconia is a lab-grown gemstone that is most popularly used as a diamond simulant and is often colourless or clear.

Due to new technology, however, it is becoming easier to create a complete range of coloured gems by adding trace mineral impurities.

This stone is believed to improve focus, increase clarity and release the ego.

Called "the stone of practicality," some practitioners use it for grounding, some apply Cubic Zirconia to remove illusion and drain selfishness and others use it to help balance the third eye, crown and solar plexus chakras.

2. Rhinestone

gem stones and their meanings, cross earrings with rhinestones

A Rhinestone is also a common diamond simulant, just like the Cubic Zirconia. It's made from rock crystal, glass or acrylic, and is also famous for its healing properties.

This gemstone is said to stabilise the spiritual and physical powers of people, promote good brain function, remove headaches and pacify stress. It also helps to cure throat irritation, sinusitis and allergies.

Top Tip: A Rhinestone is most effective when worn around your neck such as in a necklace.

3. Chrome Diopside

Eloisa Sterling Silver Earrings Gemstone Pear Cut Chrome Diopside

A Chrome Diopside is a popular substitute for Emerald and is commonly green, emerald-green or brown-green in colour.

A Chorme Diopside is believed to be a stone of creativity, increasing creative visualisation and aiding in the manifestation of desired goals. It is also said to improve the wearer's intellect, particularly with regards to mathematical and analytical abilities. In addition to this, the Chrome Diopside is believed to alleviate aggression and stubbornness, and is said to be related to love, commitment, and the inner heart.

It is associated with healing of chronic diseases and repairing the heart, lungs, and circulatory system.

Chrome Diopside is believed to protect the wearer from all evil and bad memories. 

The name means "double appearance", referring to the way the crystal's prism is orientated.

It is a crystal that can help you feel more connected to the planet and motivated to take care of its well-being so you can feel more inspired to protect and care for our planet.

It is associated with the zodiac signs Gemini, Pisces and Virgo.

4. Agate

pink agate earrings

Agate's are found in a variety of colours; blue, red, purple, black, green, brown, pink, and more.

An Agate is a type of quartz that is characterised by semi-precious gemstones, known for its many colours, diverse patterns, and unique shapes. There are several varieties of agates, including banded, moss, dendritic, and fortification, with each category having a unique appearance. It is a crystal known for its ability to provide security, grounding, balance, and self-confidence, while being a well-known powerful healing stone that is used during meditation. 

Agate's are known to have a calming and relaxing effect that allows for a deep connection to the self. It is said to be very protective against bad luck, and is also believed to negate the effects of radiation.

They helps us to feel connected to the earth and nature. If you place this gemstone in your home, it is said to increase the positive energy flow and help to soothe any negative energy.

It is the birthstone for Geminis and the month of May.

5. Amethyst 

Amethyst Gemstone earrings

Amethyst is the most popular quartz variety and comes in many different shades, from deep royal purple to pale lilac.

No matter which amethyst stone you get, you’ll be able to catch different colours depending on the angle. Under daylight, you may see a more bluish-purple shade, whereas in very bright light you may glimpse brilliant flashes of red in your amethyst.

It is a powerful crystal with many healing properties that can be used to heal plants, animals, and humans. Amethyst's have been known to reduce insomnia by promoting peaceful and restful sleep.

It is also useful for those who suffer from headaches or who find themselves in stressful or difficult situations. Amethyst encourages inner strength and peace, making it the perfect crystal to keep close while meditating. 

It is the birthstone for Pisces and the month of February.

6. Lolite Blue Mystic Quartz

Natural Lolite Blue Mystic Quartz

Lolite typically ranges in colour from light blue to dark blue or violet, but it can also be found in different hues like green, brown, yellow and grey.

Mystic quartz is known to encourage meditation, emotional voyages, and higher levels of consciousness and understanding. This powerful stone also helps to promote trust, appreciation, and healing, and if you're feeling stressed or tired it can give you a much-needed boost of energy.

Lolite, the stone known as the "Vikings' Compass" is said to carry the spirit of journey, dreams, intuition, exploration, and illumination. Many people think of iolite as a stone that helps guide you on your journey - both physically and spiritually.

7. Freshwater Pearl 

Natural Freshwater Pearl

Technically a Pearl is a Gem, but not a Stone - But I've still added this special one to our list!

Pearls come in many colours, including white, brown, pink, black, gold, and blue.

Pearls are similar to crystals when it comes to healing purposes and are often used to help increase tranquillity, wisdom, purity, honesty, innocence, concentration and focus.

Pearls are often used to treat digestive tract disorders and address skin complaints, from minor blemishes to more severe scarring and acne. They are very balancing in their vibration and will offer protection and security.

Freshwater pearls are the most popular type of pearl, as they can be found in most freshwater sources like lakes and rivers. 

Pearls are the birthstone for the month of June.


8. Garnet 

garnet earrings

Garnets are typically found in shades of red, but can also be found in shades of orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, blue, black, pink, and colourless.

This stone is said to represent strength and endurance, making it a perfect symbol of love and commitment.

Garnet is the perfect stone to help you attract and activate passion and success. If you feel like you're stuck in a rut, or if you're constantly running into emotional or energetic blocks, garnet can help.

This powerful stone is said to create balance in the body, both emotionally and energetically. So if you're looking to jumpstart your success, or if you need a little boost of energy, be sure to add garnet to your collection.

Garnet is a beautiful stone that has a special meaning for those born in January or celebrating their 2nd anniversary of marriage. 


9. Topaz

topaz gem stone meanings

Translucent and often colourless, natural topaz is a semiprecious stone found in a variety of shades. Topaz colours range from yellow, orange, purple, blue, black and green.

Topaz is known to be a calming, empathic stone that has the ability to heal, recharge, and bring back the sense of centering for its wearers. It's often associated with qualities like compassion and communication, which makes it a perfect stone to wear when trying to build relationships. 

The ancient Romans and Egyptians believed that the topaz had supernatural powers. They believed that the stone was blessed by the sun, which is why is was yellow in colour. 

Blue Topaz is the birthstone for December.



10. Tourmaline


Did you know? No other gemstone is available in as many colours as tourmaline! Tourmaline is most commonly found in black, but it can also be brown, violet, green, or pink. Sometimes, it can even be dual-coloured pink and green. 

Tourmaline is a gemstone that helps with self-understanding, inspiration, and compassion. It also helps to diminish fear and balance the right-left sides of the brain. If you are struggling with paranoia, dyslexia, or poor hand-eye coordination, tourmaline may be able to help you. This gemstone is also said to be helpful in releasing tension and providing relief from pain.

Tourmaline is the birthstone for October.


11. Chalcedony

Chalcedony gemstone meaning

Chalcedony is a powerful physical healer that can treat chronic hoarseness and throat inflammation. It is known as the stone of communication, and is believed to help stimulate the Throat chakra.

Chalcedony is a powerful stone that can help to align your mind, body, and spirit. This stone also sends out vibrations of generosity and kindness. Chalcedony can help to remove self-doubt and build self-confidence.

Aqua Chalcedony is one of the birthstones for March.


Do all gemstones have meanings?

This is a question I get asked a lot!

Gemstones have always been used for healing purposes for centuries. They are highly beneficial for the body and mind.

Each gemstone has a large variety of different (but sometimes overlapping) properties and many of them work in harmony together!

For example, garnet and tsavorite are great for mental clarity, stress relief, and increase fertility in both parties of a relationship.

These properties work in harmony with the properties of moonstone, which is great for easing chronic illness and strengthening bones. They also work with jade, which is great for self-love, relieving stress, and protecting yourself from dangers!

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